(901-007130) UT713 Calibrador Termocuplas (J-K-T-E-N-R-S-B)

(901-007130) UT713 Calibrador Termocuplas (J-K-T-E-N-R-S-B)

Calibrador de termocupla.

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Specifications Range Best Accuracy
Source/Measure Thermocouple Type J -210°C ~1200°C (-346°F~2192°F) ±(0.03%+1)
Type K -200°C ~1372°C (-328°F~2501°F) ±(0.03%+2)
Type T -200°C ~400°C (-328°F~752°F) ±(0.03%+3)
Type E -200°C ~1000°C (-328°F~1832°F) ±(0.03%+4)
Type N -200°C ~1300°C (-328°F~2372°F) ±(0.03%+5)
Type R -40°C ~1768°C (-40°F~3214°F) ±(0.03%+2)
Type S -20°C ~1763°C (-4°F~3205°F) ±(0.03%+3)
Type B 400°C ~1820°C (752°F~3308°F) ±(0.03%+4)
Source Voltage (V) -100mV~100mV ± (0.03%+2)
Voltage Measure (V) -20mV~100mV ± (0.03%+2)
°C/°F Selection
Cold Terminal Compensation
Cold Junction Tolerance ± 0.5°C
Auto Power Off
Low Battery Indication
USB Interface
Temperature Coefficient 0°C~18°C/28°C~50°C ±0.005% x Range
General Characteristic 
Power 9V Battery(6F22)
LCD Size 40mm X 63mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 410g
Product Size 96mm X 193mm X 47mm
Standard Accessories Battery, Test Lead, Carrying Bag
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box, English Manual
Standard Quantity Per Carton 24 PCs
Standard Carton Measurement 610mm X 450mm X 355mm  (0.097 CBM Per Standard Carton)
Standard Carton Gross Weight 19Kg

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